Revit MEP水暖系统视频教程@@@@
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Revit MEP水暖系统视频教程@@@@(基于@@Revit 2014系统的视频教程@@@@)。

Duration 49m 10s Level Intermediate Project Files Included 
Software used
Revit 2014
What you will learn
In this set of tutorials, we'll explore how to model a plumbing system using Revit MEP.
We'll begin by placing some plumbing fixtures through out a simple residential project. Once fixtures are in place, we'll then set two supply systems; the first a hot water supply and the second a cold water supply. From there we'll learn how to model drains, vents, and stacks tying the entire system together.After working through this tutorial, you'll gain a solid understanding of how to create a basic plumbing system and you should be able to overcome a lot of the obstacles that modeling a 3-D plumbing system may throw at you.
01. Introduction and project overview 00:48
02. Placing plumbing fixtures into a model 07:56
03. Setting up hot and cold water supply systems 09:01
04. Modeling ventilation stacks and drain pipes 10:32
05. Connecting pipes and ventilation stacks 07:40
06. Connecting and adjusting pipes and fittings 13:13

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