unity3d灯光@@插件@@@@Alzheimer Lightshafts 2
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unity3d灯光@@插件@@@@Alzheimer Lightshafts 2.0
Alzheimer Lightshafts是完美的大气和室内灯光@@插件@@@@@@
Alzheimer Lightshafts is the perfect tool for creating atmosphere in your scene or room. 
It creates the possibility to have lightshafts shine through windows without the need of a lightsource or Image effects. 
Now you can finally have beautiful scenes where the lightshafts are visible without looking at the light source (like with some image effects). 
Simply place a generator in your scene and follow the easy 3 step setup. 
This system generates dynamic light shafts (note not actual light!) that collides with the environment. The user has full control over features such as the light's color, color warmth, number of shafts generated, the cast distance, shaft shape and spreading, etc... 
This package comes with a manual that explains the system and all of the components. There is also a video tutorial linked in the manual that will guide you through the basic steps of setting up your first system.

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